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About C4RiE

The Centre for Research in Education (C4RiE), was started 6 years ago to address the following challenges in Africa.

  • Few education research centres
  • Many challenges in education (basic to tertiary levels)
  • Dearth of education research including measurement and evaluation (micro, macro and meso levels)
  • To provide sustainable education
  • Massification and commodification of education without taking stock of its repercussions
  • Lack of centres to research on education institutions and give solutions
  • Unifying research in all areas of education (engineering education, management education…)


We aim to offer practical research to resolve education challenges. In addition, we also gauge the impact of various education programmes, whether in academia or industry to help stakeholders evaluate effectiveness of their interventions and programmes. A fundamental principle is the respect of human dignity and respect of each individual.


We offer specialized and continuous training in various education fields. The training is holistic and aimed at developing the cognitive, psychomotor, affective and social domains of the participants.


We offer effective education consultancy services that respond to the needs of stakeholders in line with our mission and vision.

Our Work

Here is an illustration of the work done so far in terms of research, training and consultancy. The focus so far has been on secondary schools in Kenya and Uganda.

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  • Consultancy
  • Trainings
  • Research
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