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Our Mission

To promote scholarly (speculative) and practical education research in all aspects of teaching and learning, in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility to further the holistic and integral formation of the human being , creating a culture of continuous improvement, fostering high moral standards and developing a spirit of service and respect for others

Our Vision

To be a leading Centre for Research in Education locally, regionally and globally in scholarly and practical education providing allround education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility.

Strategic Objectives
  • To participate in the resolution of education challenges (both at the basic and tertiary levels) within the East Africa region, with a special emphasis on Kenya.
  • To involve local and international experts in the resolution of education challenges and provide services that foster the holistic and integral development of the human person.
  • To provide suggestions on education policies, plans and strategies that has direct impact on the economy to governmental, nongovernmental and other organisations.
  • To give advice in different fora that has a direct or indirect impact on education (local and international).
  • To develop short, medium and long term projects that resolve specific education challenges.
  • To help staff involved in the School to publish papers in different education journals (i.e. basic research) and to provide a forum for sharing these ideas.
  • To offer flexible custom made programmes that will equip different education experts with education management skills.
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