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28th April 2019


This is to notify all students who will be graduating on Friday 28th June 2019 that the process will be carried out in accordance with the Graduation Policy which is already uploaded on the Strathmore Website (click Graduation Policy). All the potential graduands should therefore:

    1. Confirm their University records (Name and order as they should appear in the completion certificate) and clear all fees balances with effect from Thursday 25th April 2019 to Monday 27th May 2019; failure to which no appeals will be accepted.
    2. Apply for graduation online by completing the Graduation Application form in the Students’ Academic Module and pay the appropriate convocation fee indicated on the form.
      Convocation fees are paid to the SU bank account as with other fees. Applications should be done after the confirmation of records and payment of fees balances with effect from Thursday 25th April 2019. The deadline will be Monday 27th May 2019.
    3. Strictly observe the dates for confirmation of records and application for graduation in order to avoid missing the 2019 graduation.


    1. No appeals will be accepted after the Monday 27th May 2019 5:30 pm.
    2. Any application for graduation from the previous year is not valid and hence a fresh application must be submitted for 2019 graduation.
    3. Kindly note that you should pick your completion certificate from Monday 22nd July 2019 to Friday 1st November 2019. Any certificate picked after 1st November 2019 will attract a penalty of KSH 200 each working day (Mon-Fri).
    4. The University has a graduation app that will relay all details. You can download the same from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. The name of the app is “SU Graduation”.


    Strathmore University will hold its 2019 Graduation ceremony on Friday, 28th June 2019 at the University’s graduation square. All guest and graduands are requested to be seated by 9:30 a.m. Graduands will NOT be allowed into the Graduation Square after the procession has started.

    Graduands are from:

    • Faculty of Information Technology
    • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences
    • School of Graduate Studies
    • Strathmore University Business School
    • Strathmore Law School
    • School of Tourism and Hospitality

    There will be rehearsals on Thursday, 27th June 2019 beginning at 2.30 p.m. Graduands should collect their gowns from Wednesday 12th – Friday 21st June 2019, from 8.30am to 5.30pm at the School/Faculty. Graduands should confirm their seating arrangements during the rehearsal.

    Convocation fees:

    PhD Kshs 7,400
    Master’s Degree Kshs 6,300
    Post-graduate Diploma Kshs 6,300
    Undergraduate Degree Kshs 5,700
    Ordinary Diploma Kshs 4,100

    Stephen Ng’ang’a


    Conditions of Entry to Graduation

    • Graduation is open only to registered students of the University who have fulfilled both the academic and fee requirements of their programme and who have been approved for the appropriate award by the Academic Council (thereafter referred to as Graduands).
    • In order to become a graduate of the University, Graduands must apply for Graduation by completing the graduation application form which is issued by the Schools/Faculties and pay the appropriate fee as set by the University. A Graduand will not be deemed to be a Graduate of the University until they have applied for and completed the process of graduation at the University Graduation and Awards Ceremony, either in person or in absentia.
    • Potential Graduands are required to apply for Graduation within the specified registration period by utilizing University Graduation Procedures as determined by the University and notified to potential Graduands through official notice boards throughout the University, the University website and Students’ Handbook.
    • Potential Graduands will be registered for Graduation in the name that is recorded on the Students’ University Record at the time the award decision was made by the Academic Council. The Certificate will bear the registered name of the Graduand, and shall not be changed once the period for confirmation of records stated hereunder has lapsed.
    • Potential graduands should confirm their Students’ University records and clear all fees balances at least one month to the graduation, failure to which no appeals will be accepted.
    • Appeals: Regulations regarding appeals against awards are as follows:
      a) Once a Graduand has graduated from the University, he/she is deemed to have accepted the award as approved by the Academic Council and to have become a Graduate of the University. Academic appeals from Graduates against marks, types of degrees or awards approved by the Academic Council will not be considered by the University.
      b) Any appeals against an award approved by the Academic Council must be done in writing to the Vice Chancellor not less than 14 days before the graduation ceremony. No appeals will be accepted outside this period.
      c) Graduands who lodge an academic appeal have the following options:
      i. Attend the graduation ceremony as planned while the appeal is being considered;
      ii. Defer graduation until the next set of ceremonies by which time the result of the appeal will be known;
      iii. Graduate in absentia and await the outcome of their appeal.
      d) Graduands who wish to take up option (i) will be included in the graduation listings with the award they are appealing against. They will not be given their award certificate after the ceremony but will receive a letter of completion. Once the appeal has been heard and a decision made the certificate will be issued in accordance with the decision of the appeal.
      e) Graduands who wish to take up option (ii) will be invited to attend the next graduation ceremony once the decision of their appeal has been reached. The certificate will be presented to them after the ceremony.
      f) Graduands who wish to take up option (iii) will be included in the graduation lists and their certificate will be awarded once a decision has been made. The graduate will not be invited to attend another ceremony.
      g) Graduands who appeal against the decision of an Academic council which states that they are not eligible for an award shall not be included in the Graduation Lists.

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