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Examinations Policy

Examinations Services Department is responsible for the administration of University examinations. Students do continuous assessment tests throughout the semester and a final examination at the end of the semester. The University has put the necessary quality control measures in place to ensure that all examinations meet international standards and are administered with strict confidentiality.

The department supports the university mission of providing an all-round education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility as well as creating a culture of continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is to become a leading out-come driven entrepreneurial university in the region by translating excellence into a major contribution to culture, economic well-being and quality of life.

Core Values

Examinations Services promotes the following core values.

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • A spirit of continuous improvement

General Examination Guidelines

External examiners moderate draft examination question papers and the marked scripts.

All units are examined during the semester in which they are taken. Such examinations are called ordinary university examinations.

Each unit shall be graded out of 100 marks and the pass mark shall be 40 marks for undergraduate courses and 50 marks for diploma, postgraduate diploma and masters courses, unless stated otherwise. The marks are translated into letter grades as follows:

Diploma courses (including Postgraduate Diploma)

75% to 100%A


60% to below 75%B


50% to below 60%C


Below 50%F


Undergraduate Courses

70% to 100%A


60% to below 70%B


50% to below 60%C


40% to below 50%D


Below 40%E


Retake and Repeat Examinations

  • A candidate who fails in any unit in an ordinary University examination, in any given year shall be allowed to apply to the Dean of the Faculty/School for retake examination(s) in the failed unit(s) provided that the total number of such units shall be less than 50% of units sat. Such a candidate shall apply for the retake examination(s) within a period of not more than 14 days inclusive of Saturday and Sunday after the candidate has been notified of the result. A candidate for retake examination(s) shall be required to register and pay the prescribed fee for the retake examination(s) after being notified of the success of his/her application but not later than one month before the date of the retake examination.
  • A candidate who fails to apply for retake examinations shall be required to repeat the failed units.
  • The maximum marks in a retake examination shall be 40% (undergraduate) and 50% (diploma, postgraduate diploma and masters) and shall not include continuous assessment marks.
  • A candidate who fails in any retake examination(s) shall repeat the failed unit(s).
  • A candidate who fails the repeated unit(s) shall unconditionally qualify to apply for retake examination in the failed unit(s). The candidate shall respectively register and pay the prescribed fee for the retake examination(s) before sitting for the examination(s).

Special Ordinary Examinations

Special ordinary Examinations are offered to students who miss ordinary university examinations on medical or compassionate grounds.

Appeal for Re-assessment

A candidate who is not satisfied with the grade, which he/she has been awarded in any unit, may appeal to the Dean for a re-marking of the written examination paper in that unit upon payment of the appropriate fee, which shall be determined by the Academic Council from time to time. The grade and mark recommended by the examiner(s) after remarking shall be the final grade and mark awarded to the candidate for the unit.

No appeal for re-marking of any unit shall be entertained in cases where the appeal has been submitted later than fourteen calendar days after the candidate has been notified of the result.

Every end of semester’s grade for a course unit is composed of Continuous Assessment and Ordinary University Examination. Every students should confirm the following within 14 days after the results are published by his/her School/Faculty:

(a) That the Continuous Assessments (CATs, practical assignments, written assignments) marks and attendance are accurate and have been considered in the computation of the course unit grade. A student should appeal to the Dean of the School/Faculty if need arises.

(b) That the ordinary examinations marks are accurate and are considered in the computation of the course unit grade.

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