I was born in 1995 in Nyando District, Kisumu County, the second born in a family of four. My father is a primary school teacher while my mother is a housewife. We live in Nyakach District at the foot of Nyabondo Plateau. I studied in Happy Kids Primary School where I scored 415 marks out of the possible 500 marks. I later proceeded to Maranda High School, Bondo where I scored a mean grade A with a performance index of 86.967emerging position 2 in Kenya in the KCSE class of 2012.

I am now at Strathmore University pursuing a course in accounting courtesy of the European Union scholarship, thanks to these donors, I am now undertaking CPA professional Course. I think this will go a long way in introducing me to University life, and life in general.

I wish to serve humanity in my career, and I wish to pursue a degree in medicine and in surgery preferably at the Yale University in the United States with a major in Oncology. Cancer is the leading killer disease in the world which needs serious attention for development to take place. This, I can say is what drives me to oncology. I dream of introducing new procedures in this field of medicine that minimises use of radiation in treatment of cancer. With God on my side, I believe the sky is no longer a limit.

Being ranked position 2 nationally was not a mean feat. It took a combination of trust in God, strong will, an intelligent execution and self motivation. Persistence is another driver to excellence. It involves doing it even when it pains. They say that in the battle between a river and a rock, the river wins, not because it is strong but because it is persistent. My greatest slogan was and still is ‘If God approves you and you approve yourself, no one will disapprove you’. Position 2 did not surprise me much because I knew the quality of my investment in my education. However, I was humbled by the results and I thank God for them.

In the next seven years, I see myself in a laboratory coat with a stethoscope around my neck in the corridors of Nairobi Hospital attending to patients. As you know, Kenya suffers an acute shortage of medical practitioners.

My unsung heroine is the late Wangari Maathai (May her soul rest in eternal peace). She rose from a humble beginning, fought against insurmountable odds in the quest for a green Africa and finally she won the Nobel peace prize for the environment.

If I was asked to go back to Maranda High school to give words of wisdom to the student body there, I would summarize it as  ‘If you fall, arise very fast, don’t  look around to see whether or not somebody saw you fall,  proceed with your journey’. In short , it’s not over until it’s over.