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An open secret: how to apply for a job opportunity 


The Career Development Services recently sent out a job alert email for a C# intern at a fintech company and received about a hundred applications within nine hours. Of the hundred applications, only seven met the requirements.

As you continue to receive job and internship leads, here are a few things you may want to consider

  • Google is your friend. Some of you might have mistaken the C# for a hashtag or may have focused on the fintech aspect instead. A quick search on google would have revealed that C# is a programming language and would have helped you decide if to apply for the internship or not. If in doubt, google or clarify with the recruiter.
  • Customize your curriculum vitae (CV) for each opportunity. Highlight your achievements, skills, and qualifications considering the job you are applying for. This will give you a better chance of being shortlisted.
  • Do not apply for every opportunity. You have probably heard some stark statistics on unemployment, reports of fewer opportunities, and even advice to apply for anything that is available given the Covid-19 situation. Our advice is to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter who is interested in recruiting a Business Analyst with actuarial qualifications and must sift through a hundred CV’s, yet 80% do not meet the requirements. Apply if you meet the requirements and transferable skills needed for the role. Please note that transferable skills do not trump academic requirements – if the role requires a CPA K, no organizational skills can replace this.
  • Include a subject and email message. Recruiters receive numerous job applications for open vacancies as well as blind applications (for future opportunities). In order to call attention to your email, always include the name of the role you are applying for on the subject line and write a brief email message to inform the recipient of the reason for your email, otherwise your email is bound for the trash bin. Repeat after me…from today, I will include a subject, email message, and CV attachment when applying for a job/ internship. 

We hope that these few pointers will help you approach the application process better.

All the best.

This article was written by Ivy Muthoni.

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