2012 ICT Conference

13th Strathmore University Annual ICT Conference
7th - 8th September 2012, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya
The 2013 Strathmore University's Annual ICT Conference brings together academics, researchers, information technology students, young professionals and industry experts to share on findings or ongoing research/projects and innovations. The Conference provides a forum to exchange the experiences about the trends and latest developments in the Academia and/or ICT Industry and its applications in both Private and Public sectors.
The Conference theme is "ICT AND SOCIETY:  ADAPTIVE COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGIES". The words "Adaptive Computing and Technologies" in the theme emphasizes on how ICT Innovations and technologies is critical to the current dynamism and globalization of day-to-day activities.
The conference is structured in such a way that during the first day of the conference, the academics and other researchers will showcase their research findings to their peers. On the second day of the Conference, speakers and industrial experts interact in a forum aimed at showing the link between academia and the industry.
Posters by the young researchers and innovators from the industry are usually on display throughout the period of the Conference to showcase the research work and/or ICT Projects that are innovative enough and have potential for market implementation or possible incubation under @iBizAfrica at Strathmore University.
The following sub-themes to be covered in the conference:

  • Business intelligence and Analytics
  • Open source development: A solution or threat?
  • ICT and Institutional Policies: Existing and Future Strategies
  • M-banking solution for Everyone
  • Emerging Cyber Threats and Securities
  • Marketing of information products and services: E-trade
  • ICT for Business resiliency and sustainability
  • Robots & Intelligent agents
  • Ubiquitous and distributed computing
  • Cloud computing and services
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data, text and web content mining
  • Shaping the Networked Society: Privacy, Virology and security issues
  • Virtual Companies : Knowledge industries and economic shift
  • Local Digital Content: Why and How?
  • M-health in Developing countries
  • E-judiciary: Rights of Everyone
  • TEACHnology: merging teaching and technology in schools
  • Social media and information management,
  • Jurisdiction in Cyberspace
  • Energy efficient computing and communications

Local Organising Committee

Dr. Vincent Omwenga
Dr. Reuben Marwanga
Dr. Ismail Ateya
Mr. Bernard Shibwabo
Mr. Isaac Kigen
Mr. Christopher Momanyi.

Contacts/Correspondence Address

Vincent Omwenga ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Download Conference Programme.