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An East African Political (Con) Federation: Legal and Political Considerations for a Rule-Based Polity

The objective of the East African Community (the Community) is to develop policies aimed at widening and deepening co-operation among the Partner States for their mutual benefit. In pursuance of this goal, the Community has established a customs union and common market and is in the process of implementing the Monetary Union Protocol for the attainment of single monetary policy. The Community envisages the establishment of a political federation to serve as the ultimate pillar of integration, using confederation as a transitional model.

Several challenges have presented themselves throughout the process of East African regional integration, including poor governance, an inadequate institutional framework and a lack of public participation. With the ambitious goal of political union in the early planning stages, it is important to consider the positive and negative implications of this development, along with the views of those that will be affected by these deep ties. This will improve the prospects of implementation of Community laws and policies under a unified system of government.

Accordingly, the Strathmore Centre for Law and Policy (SCLP), under its International Trade and Regional Integration research programme, will convene a symposium to examine the implications of the political federation on the Community. The intended outcome of this roundtable is to create an objective policy brief outlining opportunities and concerns around political integration and provide recommendations on how to address the issues raised to the relevant policy-makers, including the EAC Council of Ministers.

The Roundtable will include a series of panels discussing the following issues:

Road map to political integration

  1. Original objectives vs. current achievements of integration in East Africa
  2. Challenges to integration
  3. What does political union entail?
  4. What do various stakeholders want political federation to achieve for them?

Political Confederation as a Transitional Model 

  1. Confederation as a transition into federation vs. open intergovernmentalism
  2. Considerations for an effective transitional confederation

Constituting Institutional Balance in an East African Federation

  1. Powers of the executive, legislature and judiciary – resulting benefits/challenges
  2. Effects of executive excesses on the integration process
  3. Rebalancing the powers for effective political integration

For more information, please contact:

Patricia Ouma
Ag. Director, Strathmore Centre for Law and Policy
Email: paouma@strathmore.edu


September 19


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Microsoft Policy Innovation Centre, Strathmore University
Nairobi, Kenya


+254 703 034 650


Strathmore Law School

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