Fulfilment And Joy in Giving


| By Kevin Kogei | A 1st time visit to Sisters of Charity Langata, I must admit, was touching and emotional. I learnt a lot, was encouraged and challenged as well. Spreading love with COP family to the differently abled ladies at Sisters of Charity gave me a sense of fulfilment and joy. Some people say there’s no such thing ... Read More »

The Essence of Selfless Giving

A COP Volunteer poses for a photo with kids from Alpha Joy during the visit.

| By Kelvin Kimutai| Volunteering with COP taught me about the essence of selfless giving; selfless giving that not only involves material things,  but most importantly time. I got the opportunity to participate in an outreach program at Alpha Joy Children’s home and it was an amazing experience. I can still remember the faces of the kids as they welcomed ... Read More »

COP Lights up my Path of Understanding

Brian Yator

| By Brian Yator | My first activity in campus proved to be one that filled me with light; a ray of light that now lights up my path of understanding the needs of others. My eyes were opened to the ignorance that I’d been living on for the past years; that I’m doing badly and the whole world is ... Read More »

Life Inside the Four Walls

A piece of artwork done by the inmates

| By Doris Mtae | On Saturday 24th of March, I had an opportunity to visit Naivasha Prison. This was my first time to visit the prison. I got to see the environment in which prisoners live in and also got a chance to hear the life experience shared by some of the prisoners. Together with other members, I got ... Read More »

Cherish It

Naivasha Prison

| By Antoneatte Karebe | Several COP volunteers and I visited the Naivasha Maximum Prison on Saturday the 9th of December. This was my first COP activity and first visit to a maximum-security facility, a great opportunity for me to do something new while bonding with members of the COP family. We got there in the mid-morning and were welcomed ... Read More »

I Got to Appreciate Life More Through COP

By Mercy Wanjiru. I joined Strathmore on 3rd July 2017 and during freshman orientation l heard about COP. I was so moved by the many activities they do internally and to the community around. I made it sure to join the program the same day and l have never looked back since then. Every activity always presents a new experience ... Read More »

The Bounds of Freedom


By Victor Otieno On Saturday 9th of September 2017, I had an opportunity to visit Naivasha Maximum Prison together with other members of the COP family. The firsthand information I got from the life experiences shared to us by some of the inmates and the prison staff made the day a successful learning opportunity. It was also a good bonding ... Read More »

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