All You Need is to Be Happy


This past weekend we got a chance to visit Familia Moja Children’s’ home located in the outskirts of Mangu, Gatundu North constituency. Just as the name of the home suggests, there is a sense of family bonding within the children despite the different backgrounds they all come from. During our visit we also got a chance to interact with Form ... Read More »

The Bounds of Freedom


A few months ago, I joined the Community Outreach Programme with an aim of making a change in the society. Within the short time, I have participated in two activities, the first was at Wings of Compassion where we got to visit teenage mothers. It was somewhat shocking to see the challenges people my age are undergoing and I thought ... Read More »

Building a Team of Service Warriors


The team building was this simple yet potent statement. One could feel the excitement that was in the air as we all anticipated the day’s activities. The first activity of the day was an Amazing Race, for which we were split into teams. The first obstacle was quickly undertaken and off the teams went to the next pit stop. For ... Read More »

Giving up is Never an Option


My time at Community Outreach Programme will be one of my major highlights during my time at  Strathmore University. Working with a well disposed team of COP members in mentoring as well  as helping in daily chores, our visit to rehabilitated street children at Kwetu Home of Peace, Ruai,  was an amazing way to take a break from books and ... Read More »

Gratitude is the Attitude


So, this has been my first activity with COP Strathmore since I joined a few days back and really it was a moment to treasure. Being a new student it gave me an opportunity to make new friends from COP as well as the ladies and kids we met at the activity. I didn’t feel alone for one instant as we worked ... Read More »

Kindness Has no Price


I was once told that the greatest gift one could give was kindness; It has no price. I never thought that true till I became part of Strathmore Community Outreach program. In particular, I would like to highlight the previous activity on 19th November to Kwetu home of Peace in Ruai. From the name, one immediately sensed belonging. The home ... Read More »

Christmas Bucket Challenge

Christmas Bucket Challenge

It is never too early to get into the Christmas mood. The Christmas Bucket Challenge Volume II is here with us. We are calling out on students from all classes to actively engage with us and give a needy family a Christmas worth celebrating. All you have to do is to rally your classmates to donate and win yourselves a class team-​building. ... Read More »

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