John Paul II Secondary School, Kibera

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John Paul II Mixed Secondary School began its activity in 2004, as an initiative of Christ the King Catholic church in Kibera slum, Nairobi. It was in response to many children completing primary school and not proceeding to secondary school due to financial constraints. It is a day school with bear minimum resources and infrastructure. Most of the students come ... Read More »

Lodwar Girls Primary School


Education plays a crucial part in the development of every child. According to the 2011 Kenya Economic Survey, 17% of the students who enroll in primary education joined Secondary School. Turkana is a region clouded by bleak poverty and illiteracy rates. Illiteracy among women is about 90% with only 11% of the children who enrol in primary school sit their ... Read More »

Mutini Secondary School Kitui


Mutini Secondary School is a community school in the village of Kabati, Kitui County. Most of the inhabitants of the area are subsistence farmers and not well-off economically as the area is semi-arid. At its inception in 1987 it was a public day school with a capacity of 50 students. At the moment the school has 230 students, 120 of ... Read More »

Uref Primary School, Ugunja


Uref Primary school is a mixed public day school in Ugunja, Siaya County. The school was started in 1982 as an initiative of Uref village. In 2006 the school was at the brink of closure after it was declared being below standards set by the Public Health Office for school. The school administration under the direction of Mr. Philip Juma, ... Read More »



Living with HIV/ AIDS has not been easy for Risper Opiyo and her husband Andrew Mulumba. The couple had to pull out their children from a local primary school due to the stigma their children experienced as a result of their status. Risper through her support group found out that she was lucky to still have her husband living with ... Read More »

Kwetu Home of Peace

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Kwetu is a Swahili word meaning our home. Kwetu home of peace is a rehabilitation centre for street children, boys, aged between 8-18 years. Kwetu is adjacent to Strathmore University campus grounds. The home started as a feeding programme in the early 90’s for destitute children who would visit the centre daily to at least get one meal, a shower and fresh change of clothes. ... Read More »


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MISSION STATEMENT Macheo aims at educating and empowering secondary school students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Kibera slum, Kenya. This is achieved through academic tutoring, cultural and personal development through mentoring. It simultaneously enriches the lives of Strathmore students who are the mentors and tutors to the students, forging a bond between Kenya’s top academic minds and Nairobi’s most underserved youth. ... Read More »

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