COP Visits Lodwar

Lodwar 10

“Ejok”- Hello “Ejokwa”- Hello to you Those are Turkana greetings heartily brought to you from the Turkana County by the Community Outreach Program (COP) family After collecting over Kshs2 million to buy food for the starving in Turkana County, some members of COP made an epic journey to the arid county in northern Kenya. A team of 46 students and ... Read More »

Mothers Walk 30 Kms No More


“Thank you very much!!” whispered the innocent eyes of the young and old ladies of Kimangao, beautified with joy, delight, amazement, wonder and gratitude. Twenty years of abandonment, had been sparked to life by the relentless effort, presence and passion of young men from Strathmore University and Colegio Retamar. ( Oh yes, the small village of Kimangao-Mwingi North, was morphing ... Read More »

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