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MISSION STATEMENT Macheo aims at educating and empowering secondary school students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Kibera slum, Kenya. This is achieved through academic tutoring, cultural and personal development through mentoring. It simultaneously enriches the lives of Strathmore students who are the mentors and tutors to the students, forging a bond between Kenya’s top academic minds and Nairobi’s most underserved youth. ... Read More »

St. Columba’s Vocational Centre


St. Columba’s Vocational Centre in Kitui County began as a social hall in 1970 where women and girls were trained to be self sustaining through small scale businesses. Through the years the hall grew into a vocational centre that offered short courses in tailoring and agriculture. Today the Centre offers young girls who complete primary school with weak graduation marks ... Read More »

St. Martin School and Day Care Centre


St. Martin day care centre is registered with the ministry of Gender and Social Development and a member of Kibera Independent Schools Association (KISA). To facilitate their education and day care, the school has a modest feeding programme for the children as they are not guaranteed of a meal when at home. St. Martins also supports other beneficiaries of the ... Read More »

Strathmore Prison Education Programme

Naivasha Prison

Education has the power to elevate, nurture and transform lives. Strathmore University together with Naivasha maximum Prisons has been working together since 2002 to achieve this through the Strathmore Prison Education Program. The program seeks to build a partnership between the University and the Prison Community in order to improve correctional education opportunities with the larger goal of reintegrating prisoners ... Read More »

Tree Planting in Sasumua Dam and Kereita Forest


“It is the little things that citizens do that will make a difference, my little thing is planting trees”-Wangari Maathai. Just like the late Wangari Maathai COP too has chosen to do this little thing. The Community Outreach Programme has undertaken tree planting initiatives in the last three years in a bid to lend a helping hand to the preservation ... Read More »

Visually Impaired Make COP members see anew


“I want to be a pilot,” the innocent words of a student at the Thika Primary School for the Blind. Words that get you thinking, have I ever dared to dream or have I spent my whole life building ‘invincible’ concrete walls that should not be to start with. Our arrival at the school was met with tension and emotional ... Read More »

Chebarus Work Camp


February 11th-17th 2013, marks the duration where I got the best experience in my current stay in Kenya. Being a volunteer in the Community Outreach Programme office, my adaptation to life in Kenya, as compared to my home country of Uruguay, reached its peak during this experience. A team of 19 male COP members were set to go to Chebarus, ... Read More »

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