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Getting involved with the local population is what our community outreach programs are all about.

Volunteers are attached to an institution and may, for example:
• Teach in a primary school
• Teach in an informal or non-formal school
• Work in a hospital, clinic or dispensary
• Assist in an orphanage or home for abandoned babies
• Help train street youth in sports
• Assist in a drop-in or reception centre for street children
• Advise on keeping accounts or setting up a simple computer system

All volunteers who are confirmed in an attachment:
• Perform at least 150 hours of service
• Submit a written report
• Will be visited by the Programme staff during their service
• Are awarded a certificate on completion.

Get full Volunteer Agreement Here(pdf)

We try to bringing people of good will and good causes together. Let us help you find a cause that needs your help, because it’s good to be beautiful. You can join our students in the community outreach programs by participating in volunteering programmes/projects.

Who will I be helping?
You will be helping our partner organizations and the communities with which they work.

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