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COP Partner, EDUCAFRICA, raises funds for a school in Kibera

Edu africaSt. Martin school and day care centre is a pre-learning institution in Kibera. It is a community organization established in 2008 by a group of vulnerable women. It started as a day care centre where young mothers could leave their children as they went to fend for their families. The centre initiated a school program that provides education to less privileged children to help them identify, develop and nurture their talents.  At the moment, total number of pupils stands at 210, with 92 boys and 118 girls aged between 2-13 years. The school’s main objectives are ; to promote respect for human life, sensitize community on effects of irresponsible sexual activities, abortion, drug abuse and to upgrade an effective learning environment for children around the centre.


EDUCAFRICA a Chilean based NGO which purposes to use education as a core pillar in transforming lives in Kibera, is working towards improve the situation of the school. Located in the heart of Kibera, the school lacked proper basic amenities like a kitchen, good toilets and proper drainage system, which affected the learning process for the young boys and girls. EDUCAFRICA is therefore running a 3 pillared campaign which shall center on provision of scholarships, improvement of infrastructure and educational advise. Currently, EDUCAFRICA is running a fund raising campaign which would benefit a lot from your help. Check out the video below for more detail


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  1. Such a great act with a noble purpose. Let us continue sharing our blessings to others. May you all be inspirations to others. These less fortunate kids don’t just need material things, but more importantly, they need to know that someone out there cares for them.

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