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Strathmore Prison Education Programme

29779926076_1ab18d6a6a_oEducation has the power to elevate, nurture and transform lives. Strathmore University together with Naivasha maximum Prisons has been working together since 2002 to achieve this through the Strathmore Prison Education Program. The program seeks to build a partnership between the University and the Prison Community in order to improve correctional education opportunities with the larger goal of reintegrating prisoners into the society.

The program  is  aimed  at  young  offenders  and/or  mature  adults  with  a  higher  level of education. Selection of inmates to enroll for the program is done with the recommendation of the Prison’s Social Officer after confirming the prisoners qualified to study accountancy professional course, Certified Public accountant (CPA).

Some of the success stories include;

Peter Kamau

He is an inmate on life sentence at Naivasha Maximum Security prison. He graduated from Strathmore University after successfully completing CPA. Mr. Kamau pursued the CPA course while in prison under the Strathmore Prison Education Program.  Peter Kamau now tutors his colleagues who are pursuing CPA and assists in teaching business studies to the secondary students in prison. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in the University of Nairobi.

Francis M.

He was released from Naivasha prison in 2011. He had already started CPA and was in section 2. He approached the COP office expressing his desire to complete his studies at the University. COP through its fundraising efforts has since supported his studies in the University and he is now in section 4. Francis works as a casual laborer during the day and goes to school in the evening. He has served his term according to the law, he deserves a chance to lead a dignified life and thus such a qualification will grant him an opportunity to change his life.

Sponsorship Budget:


CPA Qualification

4 Inmates

Registration & ID Fees @ 2450 per student


Exam fees @ 4800 per student


CPA Books (3 courses)
2 Study Text @ 8400


2 Revision Kit @ 6000


Study Guide


Total Cost 69,800 

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