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A Free Ticket to the City of Joy

| By Ian Charles Muigai |

On Saturday 18th May I had the opportunity to travel with the Strathmore Community Outreach Program (COP) to a city of joy. This time we headed to Salvation Army’s Joytown Secondary School in Thika, a school for physically challenged students.

This being my first COP experience with physically challenged people it was interesting to see how the students were not bothered. They were so full of life and happy. They had this energy that just had us all smiling as we got to interact with them. You could see the joy they had as we joined them for a dancing session. Their devotion to it was just divine. It’s even astonishing that they managed to beat our team during a friendly football match. That to me was like a bell ring on what life has to offer. The lesson learnt was to never let life impede on your ability to manifest your dreams as much as there will be so many ups and downs.

Despite the school different from other high schools, they had a vision to be the leading institution geared towards unleashing the potential of learners with physical challenges. I left Joy town secondary school with these students having given me a free ticket to the city of joy.

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