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Appreciation To The Those Who Share Valuable Lessons

On Saturday 27th October, I got a chance to visit Cara Rescue Centre. It is an all-girls rescue centre in Ngong. It was a wonderful experience getting to spend the day with the girls. The morning started with a warm welcome from the girls and their caretakers and the heavy downpour didn’t seem to dampen their spirits. Their faces were of full of joy when we arrived waiting to discover what we had in store for them for the day. With some helping with the chores, some playing with the kids, some cooking and some washing everybody seemed to be enjoy themselves, and that was one of the main reasons I loved COP. There’s always something for you to do and enjoy yourself while doing it.


Firdowsa at a past outreach activity.

The greatest lesson of the day that I learnt was to be more appreciative of life. It didn’t matter where one had come from or the challenges they had gone through but what one did after these greatest tests of life, to pick yourself up and move forward and be stronger in facing these challenges. It reminded me of a friend who loved to say face it till you make it, don’t fake it till you make it. One thing that I realized was that it appeared to be as if through giving donations we were the ones who were aiding these children but in real sense they were the ones who were helping us; through the lessons they shared with us each time we paid a visit. These lessons are worth more than any monetary value because they teach you about life and how to overcome the challenges that come with it. So, we should be the ones saying a big thank you to the homes we visit because their help is so much more than what we give them

Firdowsa Ali is a first year Financial Economics student at Strathmore University.

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