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| By Scolar Gathoni |

Stepping in and out of prison is not quite an easy thing for the few who have landed in trouble with the police before. But this time I got to walk into Naivasha Maximum Prison and walked out without cuffs on. Here are some of the lessons I took with me;

Naivasha 82

Hope. It’s nearly the difference between sanity and insanity. It is what drives one to keep investing in themselves even when things don’t work out. Let’s face it – things will not always work out. Sometimes everything that could possibly go wrong is already wrong but then you have to carry your head up high because there is hope that days will get better.

Even when the probabilities are thin but there’s opportunity, don’t hesitate to take the chance. Push harder for what you want because life is not a rehearsal, it is the stage itself. Make the best of what you have now, the freedom and the opportunity.

Lastly, “it’s not the most talented guy who takes away the medal, it’s the one who gives it the hardest push”

Scolar is a CPA student at Strathmore University.

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