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The Essence of Selfless Giving

| By Kelvin Kimutai|

Volunteering with COP taught me about the essence of selfless giving; selfless giving that not only involves material things,  but most importantly time. I got the opportunity to participate in an outreach program at Alpha Joy Children’s home and it was an amazing experience. I can still remember the faces of the kids as they welcomed us with songs, lighting up when we joined them in song and dance. Faces that told stories of the hardships they’d gone through but drowned in a sea of delight and gratitude as a result of their visitors.

A COP Volunteer poses for a photo with kids from Alpha Joy during the visit.

A COP Volunteer poses for a photo with kids from Alpha Joy during the visit.

To see the kids smile, as they played, was a sign of their innocence, humility and thankfulness. To cap it all off, I had the chance of volunteering with the most amazing and selfless individuals. These were COP ladies and gentlemen, who’d sacrificed their time to be love and plant hope. Even after cooking chapatis for almost half of the day, they all were still full of life, committed to playing with these kids; echoing their level of dedication to this selfless purpose. From the beginning, I never felt out of place, simply because of how hospitable and friendly they were; thus I’m confident in saying I made friends. To anyone who’s reading this, I’d advise you to join the COP family in one of their outreach activities; believe me it will be a life changing experience for you.

Kelvin Kimutai is a 3rd year Informatics and Computer Science student at Strathmore University.

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