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COP Lights up my Path of Understanding

| By Brian Yator |

Brian YatorMy first activity in campus proved to be one that filled me with light; a ray of light that now lights up my path of understanding the needs of others. My eyes were opened to the ignorance that I’d been living on for the past years; that I’m doing badly and the whole world is way ahead of me. As much as this sounds rude to have gotten this lesson out of others’ misfortunes, I value its importance for it positions me for impact; that way uplifting those who are ‘below us’ to reach their optimum level. The experience also made the value of my time tangible, making me realize that I can be of a big difference and of positive change to the life of another. This is what went down at Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong. A full day adventure, focused on the well-being of another, proved to be a life lesson to me;  I believe this will make the world a better place.

Brian Yator is a first year Bachelor of Information and Computer Science student at Strathmore University

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