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The Bounds of Freedom

By Victor Otieno

On Saturday 9th of September 2017, I had an opportunity to visit Naivasha Maximum Prison together with other members of the COP family. The firsthand information I got from the life experiences shared to us by some of the inmates and the prison staff made the day a successful learning opportunity. It was also a good bonding opportunity with other Stratizens from other faculties whom I have never met before.

Victor Otieno speaking to the students and inmates during the visit

Victor Otieno speaking to the students and inmates during the visit

The most encouraging part was to learn of a good number of the prisoners who are enrolled for various academic courses including CPA and Law and as they recognized the support of the prison authorities and COP among other partners who support their desire for knowledge, I felt like I am not doing enough as a free person in as far as my studies is concerned. The climax of the day was playing in an entertaining football match between the prison staff and our COP team that ended all square with three goals apiece.

COP FC match against Naivasha

COP FC match against Naivasha Prison’s wardens team

In conclusion, I would like to thank COP officials for organizing the event and appeal to COP members everywhere to continue supporting such noble activities through which we not only give back to the society but also expand our knowledge base.

Victor is a 3rd year BCOM student and a member of COP

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