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The Bounds of Freedom


Naivasha Prison inmates following the match between their team and COP Strathmore’s football team

A few months ago, I joined the Community Outreach Programme with an aim of making a change in the society. Within the short time, I have participated in two activities, the first was at Wings of Compassion where we got to visit teenage mothers. It was somewhat shocking to see the challenges people my age are undergoing and I thought that it couldn’t get worse. This was until I got an opportunity to visit the Naivasha Maximum Prison.

Visiting prison for the first time was life changing. A place where everyone dreads to end up in. Among those caught are the innocent, those of whom justice has adamantly refused to favour, due to one reason or another. Despite having hit rock bottom, these prisoners have taken a step in ensuring that the society no longer sees them as renegades, but as people who can bring change to the society.

 The biggest challenge I received was seeing some of the prisoners nurture their education, something most of us take for granted. Others made effort to grow their talents as they played football as if it was their last time.


COP Strathmore members react after a missed penalty

The biggest lesson that I learned was from the words of one of the prisoners, who said, ‘many of us here lack freedom due to our past actions, but many people out there are prisoners of life.’ This is to mean that we all have freedom, what varies, whatsoever, is how we utilize our freedom. If only the youth would rid themselves of crime then the society would be a better place to live in.

In conclusion, there’s more to life than crime or rebellion against the law and if each person plays their role as a law-abiding citizen, then this country will soar to greater heights.  Find pictures from the visit here

Article by  Irene Gitau- Strathmore BCOM Student and Member of COP

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