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Giving up is Never an Option

IMG_4478My time at Community Outreach Programme will be one of my major highlights during my time at  Strathmore University. Working with a well disposed team of COP members in mentoring as well  as helping in daily chores, our visit to rehabilitated street children at Kwetu Home of Peace, Ruai,  was an amazing way to take a break from books and routine.

 The visits have taught me a lot about giving back to the community. This past weekend,  interacting with the boys at Kwetu Home of Peace enabled me to see, at first hand, that second  chances are not a myth.. The young boys, despite unmentionable experiences during their early  childhood days, oozed of enthusiasm towards life, filling me with joy; despite odds being against  them, they dare to dream.

 They taught me that giving up should not be an option,.

 Leah Njeri – COP Volunteer

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