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Gratitude is the Attitude


So, this has been my first activity with COP Strathmore since I joined a few days back and really it was a moment to treasure. Being a new student it gave me an opportunity to make new friends from COP as well as the ladies and kids we met at the activity. I didn’t feel alone for one instant as we worked and even had fun together because everyone was just as friendly as can be. The most important part is that I made a heart smile which is the greatest opportunity I get with COP, I mean baby sitting those kids at Happy life, celebrating Maggie’s exit at Wings of Compassion and hearing the testimonies of various girls there was really life transforming because I knew again that I became part of their story and that is a joy itself.

COP Sanaa!!
**Irene Joram – Tanzanian Student Studying in Strathmore**


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