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Kindness Has no Price

_MG_6263I was once told that the greatest gift one could give was kindness; It has no price. I never thought that true till I became part of Strathmore Community Outreach program. In particular, I would like to highlight the previous activity on 19th November to Kwetu home of Peace in Ruai. From the name, one immediately sensed belonging. The home provides comfort, love and hope to many boys.

Our journey to Kwetu was hectic as we dragged ourselves through the clinging mud that gave us no room to breath. But all that was not in vain after we had the chance to interact with the boys at Kwetu. One would think that the singing, dancing, conversing and doing of chores to mean so little however, it meant so much to us all. I was glad to be a part of COP; to get a chance to get happiness in giving others that happiness.

~Ivy Bina, Finance Student~

_MG_6380I had never been part of any COP activity before. This time round, with the aim of having a positive impact on a needy person’s life, and of
course curiosity, I decided to try it out. Accompanied by poor weather, most of the journey to Kwetu Home of Peace proved to be cumbersome as we had to weave our way through muddy tracks and brave short rains; but in the end, it all proved to be fun.

Interaction with the Kwetu family, which included doing the children’s laundry, playing games together, among other activities, was satisfactory in the very least. Clearly, I left the place a better person as I realized helping other people and dedicating some time for the needy can be fun too, as new friends were made, as the COP family becomes even happier. I hope more of such activities can be held more often.

~Ochieng’ Davies Brian, Law Student~

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  1. It is true, helping the less fortunate in the society transforms both the giver and the receiver. As it is a sign that regardless of our societal positions; money and the like we still care for each other and value what each being has to offer

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