My Experience at Thika School School for the Blind – Antony Wanderi


| By Antony Wanderi | On Saturday the 25th of May, I was part of the COP volunteers that visited Thika School for the Blind. I didn’t know what to anticipate because this was uncharted waters for most of us, with each of us not wanting to come off as insensitive or pitiful but still meet the goal of COP ... Read More »

Brother’s Keeper

Eddah, a COP member, poses for a photo with some of the kids from Thika School for the Blind during the visit.

| By Divine Yalugue Danga | Last Saturday the Strathmore University Community Outreach Programme (COP) drove us down to Thika School for the Blind and visually impaired Kids. The school was started in 1947 as a rehabilitation centre for blind and visually impaired soldiers who lost their abilities to see during the second world war given their difficulty to readapt ... Read More »

My COP Experience – Joy Soi

Joy Siy helping out with chores when the COP Strathmore team visited Joytown Special School.

| By Joy Soi | It is said that good things happen unknowingly. I can say that was the same case with how I came to learn about COP. I had never heard about the club up until my friend mentioned it out of the blues in between our interactions. What caught my attention is the word community. I did ... Read More »

A Free Ticket to the City of Joy

| By Ian Charles Muigai | On Saturday 18th May I had the opportunity to travel with the Strathmore Community Outreach Program (COP) to a city of joy. This time we headed to Salvation Army’s Joytown Secondary School in Thika, a school for physically challenged students. This being my first COP experience with physically challenged people it was interesting to ... Read More »

You Impact Others in Ways You Know Not How


| By Claire Kanja | “I know you from somewhere…” A phrase that is deemed cliché and insincere. Only this time, it introduced a conversation that instantaneously warmed my heart on a chilly April morning during a COP activity at Hanne Howard Fund, Lenana. Her name is Stella, a beneficiary of the Hanne Howard Fund. As she spoke those words, ... Read More »

In this world, there are still people who care about others

Wings 8

| By Husna Kipsoi | Being part of COP Strathmore is always a life-changing experience. You’re always challenged, encouraged, cheered up and cheered on, all at the same time. I have been a beneficiary of this. Here’s my story… This past weekend, we got to visit Wings of Compassion, a home for rescued teenage mothers. I had only been there ... Read More »

Resilience and Hope

Strathmore students and staff engaging the young mums in fun and games.

| By Sereti Nenkai Sempele | Being in COP has been a whole new experience to me by itself, meeting new people, giving back to the community and serving them has proved to be very exciting and mind blowing. Last Saturday, the 4th of May, I got a chance to visit Wings of Compassion, a little but cosy home for ... Read More »

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