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Diploma in International Relations

This diploma includes a wide range of academic disciplines, such as political science, economics, sociology, law, security, and related areas all purposed to develop the global citizen and the global society.


The Diploma in International Studies will explore the major global and multicultural perspectives allowing students to gain an understanding of a complex and interconnected world through close study of historical, political, economic, legal, and cultural forces. The diploma in International Studies prepares you for either a career in the international business community, governments, diplomatic corps, as well as private and international non-governmental organizations. It will also assist you in preparing for further graduate study in international studies, international law, political science, development or policy studies.

Program Objectives:

The Diploma in International Relations aims at enabling students to enter into the job market with knowledge, skills, and confidence that would enable them to contribute positive and effective service in the diplomatic and international relations field.

By developing persons and society to play positive roles in the international arena the program works towards the mission of Strathmore to provide all round quality education for ethical and social development and service to the society.

In line with the goals, the programme endeavors to integrate the following competencies in the courses:

  1. Apply communicative, critical and creative thinking skills necessary to contribute towards positive international relations
  2. Explain the concepts of international studies as applied to theoretical, and practical contexts
  3. Apply effective solutions to international relations problems based on a thorough knowledge and skills relevant to the diplomatic and international arena

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