Stratizen outside SBS
Our Activities
  • Research activities (basic and tertiary levels)
  • Impact evaluation on continuous education programmes
  • Training based on outcomes of research activities
  • Consultancy (measurement and evaluation; policy and planning in education management; pedagogy; sustainable education)
  • Training of education managers in Uganda at the Luigi Giussani Institute of Higher Education
Our Projects

This project aims to ensure students in informal settlements complete secondary education and increased transition into tertiary institutions. The role of the Centre for Research in Education has been to monitor and evaluate the progress of the programme in addition to providing directions on new initiatives that can support students. The programme has steadily shown improved progress with a transition rate of around 50% compared to the initial transition rate of below 10% when the programme started in 2012.

The aim of the programme is to provide life skills support to students in remote counties. The project started in 2018 and has enabled teachers embed values based education into the core curriculum. The role for the Centre for Research in Education has been to develop the monitoring and evaluation instruments, analyze progress of the project and recommend interventions and activities that can further improve the project.

Partnership with the Luigi Giusani Institute of Higher Education, Kampala. The aim of the partnership was to establish education management programmes. This started with the Certificate in Education Management and upgraded to a diploma. The main role for the Centre was to capacitate teachers in education management and action research. Many teachers have been able to transform their institutions through concrete projects.

The Centre for Research in Education realizes that international partnerships are a critical component in knowledge sharing and creating knowledge based societies. The Center for Research in Education has helped the School of Humanities and Social Sciences forge partnerships in the educational sphere with European and African higher education institutions.

Creating software that enable research in higher education institutions. The Centre for Research Education has created the Sophie software management system that aims to enable institutions track research from undergraduate to post-graduate levels. This software is available on a need basis.