The SEDC seeks to meet the needs of SMEs in the following key areas:


Capacity building in business management: Through the 16 weeks (once per week) Enterprise development course, the SMEs will be equipped with the skills necessary to operate their ventures optimally and profitably. Other customized short courses are also to be offered as requested by entrepreneurs.


Value-added Services: These include business counseling, networking meetings, business diagnostics, mentoring, exhibitions, Local and international Business trips and retreats, consulting and linkages to other professional service providers. Entrepreneurs that have taken the Enterprise development program will also be eligible to become business club members. As members of the club they will have access to the value-added services at discounted prices and will also have free access to the resource centre.


Knowledge Hub: The knowledge hub will seek to provide access to resources for SMEs to facilitate their operations. These will include Promotion of the SME sector through SME conferences, Annual Entrepreneur Awards, and an SME Directory. The hub will also offer practical resources to SMEs such as the Kenya SME toolkit, access to relevant industry research and access to a wide range of information for SMEs. A third area of focus for the knowledge hub will be development of local case studies, conducting academic research and participating in policy formulation to help create an enabling business environment for SMEs.


Events forums and seminars

We continuously organize events such as Entrepreneurs’ breakfasts, dinners and seminars in different towns in the country, International Trips, retreats, SME Annual Conference, Family Business day and networking forums for Small and medium Enterprises.


The Centre offers consultancy services in SME related work. Previously the Centre participated in MSME project of the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Industrialization and also offered consultancy services for British Council project, IFC and Opportunity International.


SEDC Enterprise Development Program (EDP) 

SEDC has designed an Enterprise Development Course that takes one day per week for sixteen weeks.


Contact Details

Madaraka Estate, Ole Sangale
P.O. Box 59857 00200
City Square, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel.: (+254) (0)703-034000