Aug 6, 2015

SDRC Conducts Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Refresher Training

On Saturday 1st August 2015, the Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre conducted a successful one-day mediation refresher training for members of the Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board (CAB) of Kenya. 

CAB – Kenya is a community dispute resolution mechanism for the Shia Ismailis sect in Kenya. It derives its mandate from the Ismaili Constitution and receives support from the Qur’an which endorses mediation as a proper way of resolving disputes. CAB Kenya offers free mediation to any member of the Ismaili sect seeking its assistance in largely marital, family and commercial matters. The Board is made up of individuals from various professional, social and economic backgrounds all who volunteer to settle intra-community disputes amicably through mediation. These disputes range from commercial disagreements to family feuds.

Most of the individuals who attended the SDRC Refresher training had already undergone previous professional mediation training and certification offered by various bodies across the world. The training was, therefore, aimed at fortifying the mediation and conciliation skills learnt by the participants’ during their 40-Hour Mediation Training while recapping their practical experience as mediators in the field. The training included key pointers on reality testing and deadlocks in mediation which are ordinarily not covered in the standard 40-Hour trainings. As is with all SDRC trainings, this refresher had both theoretical presentations from the lead trainers, who taught largely from specific experiences of the participants in mediation, and practical aspects involving role plays designed specifically for the refresher.

The training provided an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas, advice and techniques amongst the members based on their experience in the practice. The participants benefited greatly from both the planned content of the training and the refreshing experienced reflections offered by the SDRC trainers.

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