Ms. Jane Okwako
International Student
PhD in Political Science (Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA)

Jane Okwako (Lwande) is a PhD candidate at Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in Political Science.  Her doctoral training is in Comparative Politics and American Politics and Institutions. She has a Master of Development Administration from Western Michigan University and Bachelors in Political Science and Geography from the University of Nairobi. Her fields of specialization are: (i) Democratization and Institutional Design, in which her interest is in describing and analyzing how various variables influence democratic transitions and consolidation globally. She is specifically trained in analyzing political processes, patterns, and participants who shape the outcome of the democratic continuum and the associated interplay of both formal and informal institutions. (ii) Her second training relates to themes and paradigms explaining civil society and social movement outcomes across diverse issue spaces and regions in the globe.

The specific thematic areas of her work are on democratic governance and institutional capacity building. Her cross-disciplinary dissertation focuses on collaborative governance in natural resource management. Her study seeks to situate Kenya’s broad experience with co-management institutions and the associated scope of the democratic infrastructure that is utilized for operationalizing sustainability systems for socio-ecological justice. The study builds on emerging paradigms of collaborative governance and learning systems and participation as the management pillar for effective natural resource management outcomes. She has taught courses in Comparative Politics and Critical Thinking about Politics. She has presented several conference papers and is a recipient of various graduate research awards at her institution. She has training in mixed methods which have affords her the skills to identify, analyze, and explain both qualitative and quantitative data. She will be a useful resource for the center as a lead researcher in our project on water services regulation and the ethical and policy implications that underpins it.

Contact Details

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P.O. Box 59857 00200
City Square, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel:(+254) (0)0703-034346
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