Our mission

Integrity Program seeks to promote integrity in the public, private and civic sectors of the Eastern African region.  This is done through carrying out research and analysis on integrity issues, by facilitating dialogue within and across those sectors and by identifying educational needs and developing appropriate tools and programmes to meet them.


Our vision

To become a leading out-come driven research centre in the region by putting our excellence at the service of the common good as a contribution to the well-being of people as individuals and communities.


Our values

The commitment to ethical principles that guide every governing task, policy and procedure requires us to promote humanism, service, integrity, intellectual rigor, interdisciplinary collaboration, freedom and responsibility and continuous improvement characteristic of scientific work.



The responsibility to translate our mission, vision and values into reality rests all Integrity Program staff members and researchers associated with the Centre. They are all expected to work with personal initiative at implementing and enhancing the capacity of the Centre to achieve all its goals.



  1. Research
  2. Publication of research findings
  3. Dialogue and exchange with similar institutions and other stakeholders
  4. Developing education programme in governance for future implementation

Contact Details

Madaraka Estate, Ole Sangale
P.O. Box 59857 00200
City Square, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel:(+254) (0)0703-034346
(+254) (0)0703-034333