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Dr. Ruth N. Kiraka

Contact Information

Office Hours: Fulltime
Office Location: Phase 1, Dean of ICE office
Telephone: 020 606155
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research Areas / Interests

SME Development


Management in the not-for profit sector – special reference to resource mobilisation, policy advocacy, and cross-sectoral and international collaboration

Strategic management

International development and cross-cultural management

Ethics and social responsibility in business

Current Projects

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Competitiveness Project, under the Ministry of Industrialization – case study development and training of entrepreneurs

Strathmore-British Council Partnership – training of entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries

Strathmore-Opportunity International-Goldman Sach s partnership – 10,000 Women Initiative project – building the capacity of women leaders in microfinance

Microfinance Distance Learning Programme – designing materials and preparing logistics for distance learning training in microfinance

Project Management Training – on-going short courses, developing curriculum for post-graduate training in project management.

Professional Engagements

Advisory Board Member, Association of Microfinance Professionals of Kenya

Member, Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)

Journal Reviewer: International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management

Journal Reviewer: Third Sector Review

Curriculum Reviewer for the Commission for Higher Education


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Working Papers

Kiraka, R. (2009) Innovative Private Sector Development Instruments – an African Perspective, Informationsbüro Wirtschaft und Entwicklung, Vienna, Working Paper Series 01/2009.

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Other information

Dr. Kiraka is the Dean, Institute of Continuing Education Strathmore University, and Director, Strathmore Enterprise Development Centre. In this dual role, her key responsibilities include:


  • Making the institute viable by enrolling more participants in the ongoing programs and diversifying the number and type of courses offered. The courses currently offered in the institute include the practice-oriented Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, Microfinance Diploma Program, Project Management and the 10,000 Women, Emerging Leaders Programme to be offered jointly with Opportunity International for women leaders in microfinance.
  • Exploring opportunities for joint ventures with other institutions and industry in terms of offering/developing customized post-experience/ practice-oriented courses, corporate training, skills improvement courses, especially in entrepreneurship and microfinance. Current partnerships are with Swiss Contact, the British Council, Opportunity International, the Ministry of Industrialization, the International Finance Corporation and Microfinance Management Institute.
  • Conducting industry research in SME development with a view to informing policy makers and academicians on key issues that need attention.


Additionally, Dr. Kiraka lectures business related subjects, specifically Entrepreneurship Skills Development, Strategic Management and Research Methodology. Dr. Kiraka completed a doctoral degree in international development and strategic management at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia in 2003. Her doctoral research project assessed the management of development organizations and discussed stakeholder factors affecting these organizations.

Previously Dr. Kiraka worked as a program manager and development management consultant for five years.

Dr. Kiraka aspires to make a contribution to business education in Kenya through academic and business research, publishing and teaching. In addition, she hopes to working with microfinance institutions to provide business development services to entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises.