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The Role of Ethics in Nation Building: The Balance between Unity and Cultural Diversity

The Annual Ethics Conferences have been one of the most beautiful experiences in Strathmore's university life. It all begun in 2003 as a modern areopagus, a unique and exciting discussion forum where the most diverse and innovative ideas on how to achieve the common good are discussed, shared and challenged.

The Annual Ethics Conferences have produced 6 books and 2 more are under way. Almost 4,000 professionals, policy-makers, public servants, politicians, diplomats, lawyers, educationalists, media owners and journalists, businessmen, policemen, the youth… have benefitted from more than 150 scholarly researched papers, debates, panel sessions intermingled with excellent meals and refreshments by the Strathmore and Kibondeni Catering Schools.

The Ethics Conferences have turned Strathmore into a workshop of ideas that have produced measurable results, such as the National Value System, whose birth was first discussed at the 6th Annual Ethics Conference on Leadership. These Conferences have also produced immeasurable results which remain at the personal level, within the conscience of those great Africans who have decided to give a turn to the lives and business for the better, seeking the greatness of the human spirit beyond profit maximization. These are not celebrities, these are the great men and women who are ahead of their time; they swim against the tide of the inertia of their own generation… they are changing the world by first changing themselves.

This year's conference reaffirmed this tradition. The 8th Annual Ethics Conference focused on The Role of Ethics in Nation Building: The Balance between Unity and Cultural Diversity.

Visit the speakers page to see the presentations. The proceeding will also be published next year.