Strathmore University Drill Incident Information Page

Strathmore University Drill Incident Information Page

Latest Press Release
Following the unfortunate outcome of the evacuation drill that took place at Strathmore University on the 30th November, 2015, the University Council appointed an Independent Investigation Committee. The Committee delivered its report to the Council, which has subsequently taken the following actions...


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Press Briefing By Vice Chancellor - Strathmore University
Watch the press briefing by our Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Odhiambo on 2nd December 2015.

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Investigative Committee Members
The Strathmore University Council on 7th December 2015 appointed an independent committee of respected professionals to investigate the circumstances leading to the decision to execute the drill of 30th November 2015. The following is the list of members in the committee.

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Feedback Form
A feedback form was designed to allow the public to submit their comments and recommendations to the investigative committee.

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