Opus Dei

Strathmore University is a Corporate Undertaking of Opus Dei that specializes in teaching Commerce, Information Technology, Humanities, Law, Finance and Applied Economics. Strathmore was the first multi-religious, multi-racial A ‘Level College in pre-colonial Kenya at its inception in 1961.


Opus Dei - a Latin word for ‘Work of God’, is an institution in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church founded by St. Josemaria Escriva on 2nd October 1928. Its main aim is to spread the Christian message that everybody is called to holiness and that daily work and ordinary life is the normal way to achieve this. Opus Dei was erected by St. Pope John Paul II as the first Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church in 1982.

Saint Josemaría Escrivá, in describing the corporate undertakings of Opus Dei, said: "In all countries in which it works, Opus Dei carries out social, educational and welfare projects. Our criterion in this field is that Opus Dei, whose aims are exclusively spiritual, can carry out corporate activities which clearly provide an immediate Christian service, an apostolate. Its corporate works are activities that include: training centres for farm workers, medical dispensaries in developing countries, and schools for girls from underprivileged families. In other words, educational or welfare activities like those carried out throughout the world by organizations of religious creed.


In Strathmore University, Opus Dei’s role is to ensure the doctrinal and moral soundness of the other aspects of formation imparted in the University. It also provides Strathmore University with a chaplain who gives spiritual counseling to anyone who may wish to receive it. The involvement of Opus Dei in the University, is strictly in the sphere of ethics and does not take part in temporal matters. It leaves individuals free to express opinions on these matters in a way that concur with their own perception of things. 


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