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Strathmore University is a Corporate Undertaking of Opus Dei and specializes in Commerce and Information Technology. It is a leading not-for profit private university operating in Kenya. Strathmore holds a peerless reputation for quality in both academic and professional education and personal formation.

Opus Dei,  an institution erected by pope John Paul II as the first personal prelature in the Catholic church provides Spiritual and Doctrinal orientation for the University. It ensures that ethical teachings on Human dignity and social justice are instilled to the students by including courses of the ethics in the curricula of all Strathmore’s Training Programs. It also provides Strathmore with a chaplain who gives spiritual counseling to anyone who may wish to receive it.

The involvement of Opus Dei in Strathmore, therefore, is strictly in the sphere of ethics and does not take part in temporal matters as such. It leaves individuals free to express opinions on these matters in a way that concur with their own perception of things.

Strathmore University was set up as a private institution. It is not an ecclesiastical ('church') organization in any way or juridically, in fact, Strathmore Educational Trust - Registered Trustees owns and formulates the policies of the University. The trustees are in turn assisted by: the University Council, the Academic Council and the Management Board which organizes and controls the day-to-day running of the University.

The University receives its funding largely from fees paid by its students. The Government of Kenya donated the property on which the University is currently located: the Madaraka Campus. The European Union and the Italian Government funded the initial set-up of the current facilities, both buildings and equipment. The European Union is currently assisting in the second phase of the development of the University and the setting up of a new Bursary Fund.

Strathmore runs a bursary scheme for a number of needy students. Among local donations are those of the faithful of the Opus Dei Prelature, co-operators, ex-students and friends.

As the former Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Álvaro del Portillo, said: "The only corporate activities of the Prelature consist in providing spiritual assistance to its members and, in well defined cases which are publicly known, assuming the responsibility for the Christian training given in some centres of an educational, cultural, social or charitable nature". Strathmore University comes under the latter as an educational and social centre.

Opus Dei's founder, Saint Josemaría Escrivá, in describing the corporate undertakings of Opus Dei, said: "In all countries in which it works, Opus Dei does carry out social, educational and welfare projects. Our criterion in this field is that Opus Dei, whose aims are exclusively spiritual, can only carry out corporately activities which clearly provide an immediate Christian service, an apostolate. It would be ridiculous to think that Opus Dei as such could operate a mine or run any type of commercial venture. Its corporate works are all directly apostolic activities: training centres for farm workers, medical dispensaries in developing countries, schools for girls from underprivileged families. In other words, educational or welfare activities like those carried on throughout the world by organizations of every religious creed.

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