You Impact Others in Ways You Know Not How


| By Claire Kanja | “I know you from somewhere…” A phrase that is deemed cliché and insincere. Only this time, it introduced a conversation that instantaneously warmed my heart on a chilly April morning during a COP activity at Hanne Howard Fund, Lenana. Her name is Stella, a beneficiary of the Hanne Howard Fund. As she spoke those words, ... Read More »

In this world, there are still people who care about others

Wings 8

| By Husna Kipsoi | Being part of COP Strathmore is always a life-changing experience. You’re always challenged, encouraged, cheered up and cheered on, all at the same time. I have been a beneficiary of this. Here’s my story… This past weekend, we got to visit Wings of Compassion, a home for rescued teenage mothers. I had only been there ... Read More »

Resilience and Hope

Strathmore students and staff engaging the young mums in fun and games.

| By Sereti Nenkai Sempele | Being in COP has been a whole new experience to me by itself, meeting new people, giving back to the community and serving them has proved to be very exciting and mind blowing. Last Saturday, the 4th of May, I got a chance to visit Wings of Compassion, a little but cosy home for ... Read More »

Ladies’ Camp in Kitui – Claire Kanja’s Experience

Wambui, Claire and Jane active in one of the classes they mentored.

| By Claire Kanja | “What does it mean to fight the battle that is in your mind?” A question asked by a form two girl. Now, I don’t know about you, but the me who had traversed 3 counties, passed a number of trees that were blessed with a hefty amount of dust, along a narrow murram road in ... Read More »

Stephanie Wambua’s Experience in Kitui


| By Stephanie Wambua | Kitui was mind blowing, heart-warming. It’s in Kitui that I was reminded to stop normalizing blessings. Blessings I mean the chance to be in a school with an amazing and conducive environment for instance with trees all over such as the schools I have been through so far. Again to stop normalizing the privilege of ... Read More »

2019 Teambuilding – Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

Team Building 162

| By Annah-Grace Kemunto | “STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!” If you haven’t heard Babu say this then you haven’t yet had the ultimate COP experience. It all begins with defining your comfort zone. Maybe it’s your introverted nature, your unhealthy lifestyle and for others it’s something as simple as not liking the sun. The COP 2019 teambuilding made ... Read More »

Appreciation To The Those Who Share Valuable Lessons


On Saturday 27th October, I got a chance to visit Cara Rescue Centre. It is an all-girls rescue centre in Ngong. It was a wonderful experience getting to spend the day with the girls. The morning started with a warm welcome from the girls and their caretakers and the heavy downpour didn’t seem to dampen their spirits. Their faces were ... Read More »

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