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Changing A Little Part Of The World

| By Mercy Muende |

In the words of Paddy O’Connor the founder of Cara Projects; ‘I want to go out and make a difference. No one can change the world, but you can go out and change a little part of the world’. These words sum up my cause for joining Community Outreach Program (COP) Strathmore. The world needs us to make a difference on where we are because these changes no matter how small we think they are, they make a great impact in the world.

This past weekend (24th August 2019), COP paid a visit to Cara Girls Rescue Centre located in Kibiko, Ngong Town. Cara Girls Rescue Centre, is an NGO that works towards Child Protection and one that aspires to see mothers and children in Kenya leading decent lives in a safe and healthy environment. On arrival, we were welcomed warmly by the Aunt on duty as the girls fondly refer to the ladies who have given themselves to make the lives of these young ladies better than they are. The COP fraternity then immediately took up to performing the duties that were of need like cooking, spending time with the Cara girls as well as with the small children within the centre.

I had two highlights from this visit. First, when we took part in the girls’ mentorship program which takes places every Saturday. Through this program, the Cara girls together with girls from the surrounding community are trained on how to improve their lives through application of various techniques. The COP family interacted with them in this session which also in turn I believe taught us a thing or two to apply in our daily lives.

My second highlight was having conversations and spending time with the girls and getting to know what they dream of becoming in the future and what subjects they loved in school and how they felt about them. This gives one hope that despite what they have had to pass through, they have dreams of a better future.

To sum it all up, a football match was held between the COP students and the girls of the centre together with girls from the community. My take from this visit is that we should purpose to make a little change in the part of the world we are in because even a smile can be the change a person needs.

Mercy Muende is a Msc in Development Finance students at Strathmore University

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