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Cherish It

| By Antoneatte Karebe |

Several COP volunteers and I visited the Naivasha Maximum Prison on Saturday the 9th of December. This was my first COP activity and first visit to a maximum-security facility, a great opportunity for me to do something new while bonding with members of the COP family.

Naivasha Prison

COP Strathmore members posing for a photo with the inmates and staff during the visit

We got there in the mid-morning and were welcomed by the wardens into the facility. I learnt about some of the inmates who had been there for more than thirty years and some, whose behavior had earned them the title and privileges of a trustee over the other inmates. I realized that the prison provides a great opportunity for the inmates to develop themselves. Some played football against the Strathmore team, others took turns commentating, others were listening to a sermon, there was even one playing the guitar. Life is really what you make of it.

We were taken through the classes and art museum before a session in the library where we interacted with the inmates as some of them shared their stories and explained to us some of the activities undertaken in the prison. The valuable lessons learnt and seeing the joy on their faces as some volunteers presented books and stationery was overwhelming.


My experience that day taught me that we all want and deserve the good things in life, but we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes we need to earn it and sometimes, there is no getting it at all. So, while we have what we have, we need to cherish it.

It was an honor to visit the prison and an even greater honor to be able to share my experience. Many thanks to the organizers and the volunteers for making the day a success.

Antoneatte is a CPA finalist from Strathmore University and a COP volunteer

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