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Building a Team of Service Warriors

_DSC6593The team building was this simple yet potent statement. One could feel the excitement that was in the air as we all anticipated the day’s activities. The first activity of the day was an Amazing Race, for which we were split into teams. The first obstacle was quickly undertaken and off the teams went to the next pit stop. For each stop and completed task, the teams were given a clue to guide them to the next one. The Amazing Race truly proved to be more of an intellectual workout than a physical exercise. We then made our way to Paradise Lost in Kiambu, looking forward to more fun for the second part of the day. Whole group games were played followed by team tasks, both of which elicited much laughter and joy. The games required creativity, teamwork and cohesion, which certainly brought us together.

Here’s 3 of our members sharing their experiences…

On this day, if someone woke up feeling sad and low, I am pretty sure at the end of the day they were at their best moment. Through the games we played, I believe we impacted positively on each other by having fun and learning a thing or two from each other. From the personal experiences shared by some of our members, I learnt to appreciate who I am, where I come from and how I live my life. We do not have any reason to complain of anything but always appreciate the fact that we are alive. It is always good to smile because every little smile can touch somebody’s heart and life. The whole experience was great for me. To the COP family, always keep on doing great things, making more hearts smile and bringing more light in other people’s lives. Long Live COP! ~Samson Sunguti (CPA Finalist)~

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Certainly, the day was impactful. It did exactly what it was meant to do, to bring everyone together and to make COP a family. And for sure, the ‘we’ aspect of ~ Making Hearts Smile ~ was emphasized throughout the day. This day will for sure linger in the hearts and minds of many as a blessed day. COP is a Way of Life! ~Husna Kipsoi, International Studies Student~

The day was not only about the action and games. I got to learn a lot from the personal experiences shared. Additionally, I learnt the value of teamwork as we had to work together one team. My lesson for the day ~Team spirit makes the dream work~

~Patsy Mugabi, Finance Student~

Find below a video of what transpired

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