The Shrine

The Shrine to the Holy Family is located at the end of the Graduation square in Phase II, presiding the lawn between the library and SBS. The decision to build the shrine was reached after receiving a gift of the statue of Our Lady on a donkey carrying the Baby Jesus from the Chancellor of the University, Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei.

The university management decided to commission a sculpture of St. Joseph, which was placed together with the one of Our Lady inside the Shrine to the Holy Family. Strathmore University built it in order to give its staff, students and friends another place for reflection and prayer whenever in the campus.

The family is the core of our existence and the key of the survival of our society. Recognizing this, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph serve as the ultimate model for a family. Therefore, the enriched knowledge and awareness of the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph call us to serve those closest to us in a similar way.

The Shrine to the Holy Family gives people an opportunity to discover and develop their Catholic faith and the wealth of the traditional African family. As each family gets stronger so does its neighborhood, community, country and the world.