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What We Do

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Our Activities
  • Research activities (basic and tertiary levels)
  • Impact evaluation on continuous education programmes
  • Training based on outcomes of research activities
  • Consultancy (measurement and evaluation; policy and planning in education management; pedagogy; sustainable education)
  • Training of education managers in Uganda at the Luigi Giussani Institute of Higher Education
Action Research Projects
Action Research project Place Year
Developing Staff Performance Appraisal Guidelines for Embakasi Girls High School Nairobi 2011
Developing Working Guidelines for School Governors for effective management of Secondary Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a. Murang’a 2011
Developing a monitoring system for curriculum implementation at St. Elizabeth Girls’ Secondary School- Chepkunyuk Chepkunyuk 2011
Developing a training policy for support staff Bondo 2012
Developing conflict management strategies for Lavington Secondary School Nairobi 2011
Formulate clear job descriptions for administrative staff in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Strathmore University Nairobi 2011
Developing an induction procedure for new teachers in St Theresa Manunga 2011
Developing performance evaluation strategy for teaching staff in Ndoo Secondary School Ndoo 2011
Developing a school monitoring and evaluation program in Kamukunji Mixed Nairobi 2011
Developing school rules and regulations in Gatitu Secondary School Gatitu 2011
Creating a student-teacher fundraising committee for the renovation of toilets in Muthangari Primary School Nairobi 2011
Developing and implementing an outcome based mentoring manual for Strathmore University. Nairobi 2011
Creating Departmental Structures In Order To Improve Management At Irene Girls Training College Samburu 2011
Creating a programme to enhance HIV/AIDS aware Nairobi 2012
Development of a program to manage the issue of drugs and substance abuse in two boys schools in line with the Ministry of Education directives Muranga 2012
Developing disaster management measures at Irene Training School Nairobi 2012
Helping teachers at St. Martin Boys infuse ethics into the curriculum Muranga 2012
Developing a strategic plan to help teachers embrace and use ICT curriculum  delivery and instruction in Greenyard Junior School Nairobi 2012
Enhancing communication etiquette between students and teachers in the Communication Department of Strathmore University Nairobi 2012
Investigating Internet addiction and possible measures to help them at Nyangumi Secondary School Nairobi 2012
Developing security measures for computers at IGTC Nairobi 2012
Developing a training needs assessment and Post Training Evaluation Guidelines for Students of Kenya Power Training School Nairobi 2011
Using statistics to help form two students in subject selection Nandi Hills 2011
Developing an Internal Testing Program That Aligns With Instructional Objectives In Mathematics At Nasioyamilele Girls Secondary School. Nairobi 2011
Developing guidelines for attracting and retaining high quality teachers in Murani School Nairobi 2011
Developing working guidelines for governors to promote investment by education stakeholders in Gatitu Secondary School Gatundu 2011
Developing positive attitudes in Mathematics at Bukholo Girls’ Secondary School Bukokholo 2015
Reducing drop-outs and increasing attendance at Cheplechabei School Rift-Valley 2015
Implementing teaching and learning of life-skills curriculum at Bohra Primary School Nairobi 2015
Improving attitudes of teachers and parents to computer applications for learning of learners Nairobi 2015
Resolving issues of suspension and expulsion of students and implementing effective disciplinary measures in schools in Turkana County Turkana 2016