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The SOA@50 Flashmob


There have been Flashmobs before, but the SOA@50 Flashmob brought Strathmore to a standstill.

It is said that when you hear whistling, what comes to your mind is to run for safety. However, on the 23rd October, it was an invitation to come to the Student Center and enjoy a performance featuring the talented Bruz Newton; a Kenyan upcoming contemporary artist. Kevin, one of the performers had the pleasure of singing the invitation tune and he whistled the silence away. Everyone was in awe of what madness had struck the University.

Lecturers, staff, and students stood up to see whether to run or watch what was about to unfold. The music was begun and one by one the branded dancers walked onto the podium from all corners of the Student center. They danced to the famous tunes of Bazokizo, Zigwembe and the newly released Witinesi. That was not all, screams were heard when the marveled audience saw Bruz Newton join the dancers.

The audience turned to their phones, they wanted to capture that treasured moment of having a profound dancer amongst them. Some of the students could not miss the opportunity to join in the dance and showcase their mastery of the common Bazokizo dance style which took Kenya by storm.  

With the last tune of the music, the SOA@50 banners were rolled down and all eyes looked up. The Strathmore School of Accountancy 50 year anniversary was unveiled in style.

Join us for the Power Breakfast, Gala Dinner, Lavington Luncheon and Golf Tournament

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