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SU alumnus exploring E-Commerce

As with any business move or expansion, considering an online presence will always raise a list of questions for any entrepreneur. Questions like what to put in place to make it happen? How will the online presence change the market for the business? What are competitors doing? How will people shop? These are the kind of questions that for over the last two years, Ben Maina, an SU BBIT alumnus has had to answer since co-foundingRupu deals.

Rupu deals is an online marketing firm that gives small businesses an opportunity to market themselves without incurring the high cost of marketing fees. This is done through the businesses discounting their products and Rupu marketing their products online at a commission. According to Ben who is also the CEO of Rupu deals, Rupu gives small businesses an opportunity to re-invest their marketing budget for their products.

Rupu deals is enjoying measurable success since its launch back in 2010. And Ben is quick to point out that his ability to be innovative and an entrepreneur at the same time stems from his experience of studying Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) at Strathmore. His IT background provided a good platform to start an IT oriented company, while the business training proved essential in running the quickly growing business.

Rupu deals currently employs twenty-four people; six of those in their ranks are alumni of Strathmore University. Their steady growth has seen Rupu expand its services by introducing Rupu shops, a safe and secure online shopping platform in Kenya and Rupu travel, a platform that aggregates the best travel and accommodation offers in Kenya.

Ben Maina is convinced that Rupu is changing the face of e-commerce in the country as it gives all users the great benefit to sample different business products at a fraction of the cost while marketing small businesses beyond their localities. He hopes as Rupu grows, he will inspire other young entrepreneurs to take the risk and tap into their passions and innovation capabilities. He also reminds those still in University to start forming a closer bond with their colleagues as the alumni network he built during his Strathmore days have proved to be very helpful over the years.



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