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SU alumna Ruth Omwansa at a pharmaceutical giant

It is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company operating in over 180 countries and Ruth Omwansa, a Strathmore University alumna is charged with overseeing Pfizer’s financial operations across East Africa as the Finance Manager.

Ruth’s huge responsibilities on a day-to-day basis involve managing and making financial decisions that cut across all the departments in the pharmaceutical giant organisation namely sales, local sales, exports, marketing and auditing.

Ruth Omwansa is a graduate of the 2006 class of Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) finance option; she also did her CPA studies in Strathmore University up to section 2. As a student in Strathmore she readily admits that she enjoyed life outside the classroom as an active member of drama club and choir and appreciates the wholistic approach Strathmore still uses to mould its students.

Her budding career in finance began immediately after graduating. She interned at East African Breweries Limited at the Accounts payable for 6 months. Thereafter Ruth proceeded to KMPG and worked her way up to be an Audit Senior. Eventually she moved to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to become the Finance Manager.

Ruth is quick to look back and point out how the Guinness scholarship at Strathmore opened up new possibilities for her. Initially she had wanted to go for a Law degree at a public university but could not raise the funds until her father talked her into taking CPA studies in Strathmore under a fifty percent scholarship.

It was during her CPA studies that she learnt about the Guinness Scholarship that was being advertised in the local dailies and decided to apply. She struck luck by getting a full scholarship to pursue her degree studies.

Ruth believes that the scholarship was not only a life changing experience for her, but also for her community back home in Nakuru. Her younger neighbours and relatives were inspired to work harder and get a similar opportunity. She also credits her father for being her role model and a great inspiration to her career progress. Ruth Omwansa’s final advice to the current students and young alumni is to always work hard and stay focused on what they do.

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