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Strathmore School of Accountancy 50 years Celebration Launch

The School of Accountancy (commonly known as SOA) is proud to be celebrating 50 years of Accountancy and Excellence. SOA in conjunction with the Alumni office has put together a series of events to celebrate the greatly earned 50 years of Accounting.

The Launch kick-started with a cocktail for the SOA graduating class of 2017 on the 18th of November.

SOA Graduating class of 2017 Cocktail.

The light soothing music filled the auditorium with the anxious and excited soon to be graduates walked in one by one. The relief of completion evident on their faces. Their hearty and cheery laughter filling the room and setting the cocktail in full swing.

This pleasant afternoon relief was started off by the MC with a congratulatory message and this trend was followed by all speakers. Mr. Eric Saulo explained to the young minds of the perks and favors of joining the Strathmore University Alumni and assured them that the alumni relations office was ever at their service.

Mr. Anthony Ndegwa, the SOA Alumni Chapter gave the eager graduates a pep talk on what to expect after Strathmore and the importance of first, loving what you do, ensuring that you always do the best you can in anything you endeavor and always paying key attention to the little things in life. “The little things are what make or break us,” he likes to say.

The afternoon could not end without the soon to be graduates enjoying the sumptuous bites provided and the wine which was in plenty as they chatted and mingled the late afternoon away.  The dance and the poses for those memoirs and the smiles reflecting in their eyes could not hide the cheer and excitement that filled the room.

Stay tuned, we have your event list covered.

Power Breakfast: 22nd November at Strathmore University

Gala Dinner: 25th November at Strathmore University

Lavington Family Luncheon: 2nd December at Lavington Campus

Golf Tournament: 9th December at Migaa Golf Course

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