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SFAE Launch Alumni Chapter in Style!

CToREPAW4AAavMY.jpg largeThe School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE) held their first Alumni Dinner at the Nairobi Serena Hotel on Thursday 12th November 2015.

The dinner was opened by Mr. Anthony Ndegwa, Chairman of the Strathmore University Alumni Association who pointed out the three important aspects of Alumni Activities: These being Networking, Building Relationships and gaining Leverage.

The chief speaker was Jona Owitti, an expert in IT Risk and Security who talked about ‘Professionalism and Career Development.’ Jona, a top speaker in his own right, entertained the audience with various anecdotes and facts from his many years of experience in both public and private sector.

Mr. Owitti talked told the attendants about the importance of perception, stating that in a secular world, what people think about you matters a lot. With standards being globally developed, it is important for one to use them in context when deploying them locally.

As young people, he advised them to move faster, getting certifications and testing and applying what they learn. He pointed out however that Professionalism is a calling, money is a by-product.

‘Do you think locally or globally?’

Asking them how they write their CVs, he noted that one can be Provincial, National or Global!

Personal visions and understanding ones purpose in life are also crucial. The image one portrays out there, like saying NO to both bad things and good things, based on priorities, where ones vision shapes his or her values.

He mentioned how his wish was to wake up to the sound of the birds – meaning he would have a vision of having his own house.

‘Profession is not a replacement for family.’

‘Your family must be part of your profession, and not separated. You have to be able to integrate your family life and your professional life.’

Other points that he raised included:

‘You have to think about how to move up the ladder. Your employer needs your skills and they cannot be taken away from you.’

‘You must be able to cost your skills. Not depending on salary scales, but by valuing your skills.’’

To be a man or a woman is God given, to be a gentleman or a lady involves your effort.’

The Alumni are currently working at various professional firms like McKinsey, P&G, Standard Bank, KPMG, Vivo Energy, NIC Bank, Centum, Jumia KE, InVhestia Africa while others are running their own businesses. Some have also enrolled in Masters and PhD programs

‘Your degree is important, what what’s more important is for you to professionalize your profession’

Another highlight of the day was the selection of the SFAE Alumni Chapter, where 6 volunteers were nominated to sit on this Chapter. The Chapter intends to organize two or three events per year for the SFAE Alumni. 

A vote of Thanks was given by the Dean, Dr. John Olukuru, who also sent apologies on behalf of founding Director Mr. Geofrey Injeni.

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