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Senior Class Dinner 2014

IMG_2959The Alumni Relations office hosted the fourth year students to the annual Senior Class dinner at the University Auditorium. The event, organized by both the students and the Advancement Office, was a memorable occasion for the leaving students who now become part of the Alumni fraternity. The Vice Chancellor addressed the students, thanking them for their contribution to the university. He pledged an additional KES 50,000 to the 400,000 that the students had raised from their caution money towards the Alumni Annual fund. A notable change in this year’s event was the inclusion of special awards of recognition to specific students who were nominated by their classmates.


  • BCOM 4A       GoodluckKeweDSC09555
  • BBIT Exempt – ShantalMusungu
  • BBIT 4A-         Sajidah Khalid
  • BBIT 4B –       Eddie Onditi
  • BIF/BTC –        David Ndungu
  • BBS –               MeleahOleche
  • BHT –              Eva Nkatha
  • BCOM 4B –     Ashley Mutiso
  • BCOM 4C –     Audrey Lihavi

The MC, Alumnus Laban Cliff Onsario kept everyone entertained throughout the event. At one point, Forth year student Wangari Miringu got the whole crowd, including Dr. Mcfie, to dance to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. Before the end, a special recognition was given to students who were mentors in the ‘Macheo’ programme.

This is a an initiative of the Community Outreach Programme (COP)  that aims at educating and empowering secondary school students from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Kibera slum, Kenya. They included

  • Kennedy Gicheha
  • Valentine Khisa
  • June Kimuli
  • Sharifa Sinaare
  • Tabitha Kerubo.

The attendants also thanked the Organizing Committee who were hosted to a lunch at the National Park by the Alumni Office a few days later.

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