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News from Jamaica

Annie Muchai pictureAnnie Muchai is not just the ordinary Strathmore Alumnus, she has spent the last 16 years working with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Currently stationed in Kingston, Jamaica, she has also been based in Paris, The Hague and Nairobi (UNEP Headquarters), spending about 4-5 years at each duty station.

Annie is currently the Administrative & Funds Manager of the UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP), whose Secretariat is hosted in Jamaica.  CEP promotes regional cooperation for the protection and sustainable management of the marine environment of the Wider Caribbean within the context of the Cartagena Convention and its associated protocols, which provide the legal framework.

“Working in Jamaica has been an exceptional experience. I have been exposed to a rich multicultural environment, outspoken people and had a chance to work with a dynamic team.  Jamaicans are generally warm, lively and outspoken.  They stem from all cultures of the world, just as the song ‘Different colours, one people’ by Lucky Dube says it.”

“Jamaica is well known for its music, holiday destinations and unique nature.  Driving over the hills and along the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea is simply phenomenal, while reflecting on the efforts made by the governments of the Wider Caribbean, and with the support of UNEP, towards the management and conservation of this beautiful Caribbean Sea.  Jamaica, like many other countries in the Caribbean which UNEP supports, depend heavily on the Caribbean Sea, with its rich biodiversity that provides food and water to many, transport, and magnificent sceneries for tourists”.

“My career journey remains indebted to the experience, professionalism and discipline afforded, during my studies in Strathmore back then.”

Annie Muchai has worked in Kingston, Jamaica for the last 2.5 years.  In addition to studying at Strathmore, she also studied in France and the UK. Annie holds an MBA among other qualifications.

Some of the work UNEP CEP does can be seen here  For media footage, newsletters and photos, please visit the media room at .

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