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MEXT Japan Govt Scholarships | Swiss Developing Countries Scholarships | MBA Awards and More

Apply before the upcoming deadline:

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Foreign Research Students in Japan, 2016
Provided by:
 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Courses: Research Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Foreign Students
Application Deadline Various
Apply Now
Tags: 2016FeaturedGovernmentInternationalJapan,  researchscholarshipsUpdated Scholarships

La Trobe’s Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) in Australia, 2016
Provided by: La Trobe University, Australia
Courses: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 11 September; 13 November; 8 January
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Tags: 2016AustraliaInternationalLa Trobe UniversityPostgraduatescholarships,UndergraduateUpdated Scholarships

Van Oord MBA Scholarship for Developing Countries at IMD in Switzerland, 2016
Provided by:
 Van Oord family and IMD
Courses: Masters Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Students of developing countries
Application Deadline September 30, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016developing countriesIMDMBAScholarshipSwitzerlandUpdated Scholarships

UNICAF Distance Learning Scholarship for African Students in Cyprus, 2015
Provided by:
Courses: Undergraduate and Masters Degree Program Subjects: MBA, Med or BBA courses
Eligible Students: Students of Africa Application Deadline Contact Employer
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A Better Australia Scholarship Program, 2015 
Provided by: The Expert Editor, Australia
Courses: Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programme Subjects: All Subjects
Eligible Students: Australian and International Students
Application Deadline 31 December, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015AustraliaInternationalPostgraduateScholarshipUndergraduate

Hosei International Fund (HIF) Foreign Scholars Fellowship in Japan, 2016-2017 
Provided by: The Hosei International Fund (HIF), Japan
Courses: Non-degree Research Programs Subjects: Humanities, Social or Natural Sciences, or Engineering
Eligible Students: Foreign Nationals
Application Deadline June 5, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20162017EngineeringFellowshipHumanitiesInternationalJapanresearchSocial Science

IWC Full Masters Scholarships for Australian and International Students, 2016
 Master Degree Program Subjects: Integrated Water Management (MIWM) Program
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 1 August, 2015 and 1 October, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustraliaFeaturedFully Funded

ACU Postgraduate Scholarships for Australian and International Students, 2015 
Provided by: Australian Catholic University, Australia
Courses: Postgraduate Programme Subjects: Law and Religion, Cities and Successful Societies and Asian Religions
Eligible Students: Domestic and International Candidates
Application Deadline 29 May, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015AustraliaInternationalPostgraduateresearchscholarships

Scholarships for International Students at Hochschule Hof in Germany, 2015 
Provided by: Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Germany
Courses: Full-time Degree Program or Double-Degree Program Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline October 22nd, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016germanyInternationalscholarships

DFATD Cadieux-Léger Fellowship Program in Canada 2015-2016 
Provided by: The Foreign Policy Research Division of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), Canada
Courses: Research Programme Subjects: Canadian Foreign Policy and the Foreign Policy Research Division’s Research Agenda
Eligible Students: Canadian and Non-Canadian Applicants
Application Deadline May 22, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016CanadaFellowshipInternationalresearch

EADA Business School MBA Scholarship for Excellence in Spain, 2015 
Provided by: EADA Business School, Spain
Courses: MBA Programme Subjects: Business Administration
Eligible Students: Spanish and International Students
Application Deadline June 30, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016InternationalMBAScholarshipSpain

TWAS-CIIT Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries’ Scholars in Pakistan, 2015
Provided by:
 TWAS-COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Courses: PhD and Postdoctoral Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Citizens of a developing country
Application Deadline 31st August 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015developing countriesFellowshipMay Week 1 (i)PakistanPhDPostdoctoral,PostgraduateUpdated Scholarships

Georg Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES) for Developing Countries in Germany, 2015
Provided by:
 Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is Co financed by the European Union (EU) in the 7th Framework Programme, Germany
Courses: Research Programme Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: Developing Countries
Application Deadline 15 June, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015developing countries

MMMF Grant for Women of Developing Countries in South Africa, 2015
Provided by:
 The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
Courses: Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Applicants of developing countries
Application Deadline August 30th, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016developing countriesGrantSOUTH AFRICAUpdated Scholarships,women

2015 Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Sydney, Australia
Provided by:
 University of Sydney, Australia
Courses: Postgraduate Degree Program
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 31 May 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015April Week 1AustraliaFeaturedInternationalMaster’sMay Week 1 (i),PostgraduatescholarshipsUpdated Scholarships

CTFS-ForestGEO Research Grants for International Researchers in USA, 2015 
Provided by: Center for Tropical Forest Science-Forest Global Earth Observatories (CTFS-ForestGEO), United States of America
Courses: Research Programme Subjects: Support research projects associated with the CTFS-ForestGEO network of Forest Dynamics Plots
Eligible Students: All Countries
Application Deadline June 15th, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015GRANTSInternationalresearchUSA

MSc Environmental Health Scholarship for African Students at UWE Bristol in UK, 2015
Provided by: University of West of England Bristol, United Kingdom
Courses: MSc Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: African Students
Application Deadline 14 June 2015
Apply Now

New MBA MOOC From University Of Illinois & Coursera
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is set to offer the first online MBA program. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will be provided in association with online education giant Coursera … [Read More]

CAI Internship Programme In Africa, 2015
CAI offers two internship programmes which run on six-monthly cycles and are open to aspiring postgraduate students with an interest in Africa. The internships are awarded in applicable fields of study (Economics, International Relations, Journalism, … [Read More]

MSc Business and Management Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK, 2015 
Provided by: University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Courses: MSc programme Subjects: Business and Management (MBM)
Eligible Students: International Students
Application Deadline 31 May 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015BusinessInternationalMScscholarshipsUKUniversity of Strathclyde

International Strategic Alliance Scholarships at University of Sheffield in UK, 2015-2016 
Provided by: University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Courses: PhD Programme Subjects: Faculties of Science and Medicine, Dentistry and Health
Eligible Students: UK/EU and Overseas Students
Application Deadline 1st June, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015DentistryEUEuropeInternationalMedicinePhDScholarshipScienceUK,University of Sheffield

2015 Institute for Development Studies PhD Scholarship at University of Sussex, UK 
Provided by: The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Courses: PhD Programme Subjects: Social Dimensions of Zoonotic Disease
Eligible Students: Developing Countries
Application Deadline 15 June, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015developing countriesPhDresearchScholarshipUK

2016 Uckmar Visiting Research Scholarship in International Tax Law, Austria 
Provided by: The Foundation Antonio Uckmar, Italy
Courses: Research Programme Subjects: International Tax Law
Eligible Students: All Countries
Application Deadline October 15, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2016AustriaInternationalLawresearchScholarship

Oslo Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Norway, 2015 
Provided by: University of Oslo, Norway
Courses: Postdoctoral Research Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: Norwegian and International Candidates
Application Deadline May 27th 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015InternationalNorwayPostdoctoralresearchUniversity of Oslo

Sussex Humanities Lab Doctoral Research Scholarships at University of Sussex in UK, 2015 
Provided by: University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Courses: Doctoral Research Programme Subjects: Digital Humanities, Digital Media, Media and Cultural Studies, Digital Cultures, Digital History, Digital Sociology, Digital Performance, Education and Social Work, Informatics (Humanities oriented)
Eligible Students: UK, Europe (Non-UK), International (Non-UK/EU) applicants
Application Deadline 27 May 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015DOCTORALEUHumanitiesInternationalresearchscholarshipsSocial WorkUKUniversity of Sussex

SCCS Doctoral Research Scholarships at University of Nottingham in UK, 2015 
Provided by: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Courses: Doctoral Study Subjects: Chinese Studies
Eligible Students: International, EU and UK Candidates
Application Deadline 15th May, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015EUEuropeInternationalLanguagePhDscholarshipsUKUniversity of Nottingham

2015-2016 Exeter Business School PhD Studentships in Management Studies, UK 
Provided by: University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Courses: PhD Programme Subjects: Management Studies
Eligible Students: UK/EU and International Candidates
Application Deadline 1st June 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016BusinessEUInternationalManagementPhDStudentshipUK,University of Exeter

2015 Lo Family Scholarship Fund for Chinese and Hong Kong Students at University of Kent, UK 
Provided by: University of Kent, United Kingdom
Courses: Postgraduate Programme Subjects: Business
Eligible Students: Chinese and Hong Kong Students
Application Deadline 31 May 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015BusinessChinaHong KongPostgraduatescholarshipsUKUniversity of Kent

University of Winchester Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship in UK, 2015 
Provided by: University of Winchester, United Kingdom
Courses: Postgraduate Programme Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: Thai or Vietnamese Students
Application Deadline 30th June
Apply Now
Tags: 2015PostgraduatescholarshipsThailandUKUniversity of WinchesterVietnam

Kevin Herriot Scholarship Program for UK/EU or International Students, 2015-2016 
Provided by: London South Bank University, United Kingdom
Courses: MSc Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: UK/EU or International Students
Application Deadline 27 June 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016EUInternationalLondon South Bank UniversityMaster’sMSc,ScholarshipUK

PhD Studentship in Engineering at Cardiff University in UK, 2015-2016 
Provided by: Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Courses: PhD Degree Program Subjects:
Eligible Students: UK/EU and international students
Application Deadline 1st June 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015Cardiff UniversityEngineeringInternationalPhDUK

PhD Scholarship for Cross Disciplinary Research Project in Geography and Geoinformatics, 2015 
Provided by: University of Ghana and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Lund University, Sweden
Courses: PhD Programme Subjects: Geography and Geoinformatics
Eligible Students: Ghanaian Students
Application Deadline 20th May, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 2015GeographyGhanaPhDresearchScholarshipSweden

2015-2016 Eleanor Pinkney Oddie Postgraduate Scholarship in Latin Studies, UK 
Provided by: Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Courses: MA Classics and Ancient History, MLitt, MPhil and PhD Programmes Subjects:Latin Studies
Eligible Students: UK, EU and International Students
Application Deadline 2nd June, 2015.
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016EUInternationalLanguageMAMPhilNewcastle UniversityPhD,PostgraduateUK

2015-2016 Paul Mealor Scholarship for Vocal Composition at University of Aberdeen, UK 
Provided by: University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Courses: Master Degree (MMus) Programme Subjects: Vocal Music
Eligible Students: All nationalities
Application Deadline 30th June 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016EUInternationalMaster’sMusicscholarshipsUKUniversity of Aberdeen

LSE Kadas Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in UK, 2015-2016 
Provided by: The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Courses: Undergraduate Programme Subjects: Multiple Subjects
Eligible Students: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine
Application Deadline 01 June 2015
Apply Now

MBA Business Scholarships at University of Portsmouth in UK, 2015-2016
Provided by:
 University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Courses: MBA Programme Subjects: Business Administration
Eligible Students: Students of UK and EU Students
Application Deadline 27 February, 2015 and 29 May 2015.
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016EUMay Week 1 (i)MBAscholarshipsUKUniversity of Portsmouth,Updated Scholarships

Geography Internships 2015
Looking for Internships in Geography? Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geography interns are employed in a wide range of sectors, including the public sector, education, commerce, industry, transport … [Read More]

Deutsche Bank Internships In Singapore & Hong Kong, 2015
Deutsche Bank offers internships for a place into full-time Graduate Analyst Training Program in Asia. Internships are for both domestic (Australian/NZ & PR) and international students currently studying at an Australian university. Internships in Asia’ … [Read More]

Inveneo Summer Internship In USA, 2015
Inveneo is accepting applications for four (4) summer internship positions to assist in research, program management, engineering and ICT4D development. The position will be based in Inveneo’s San Francisco, CA offices. Inveneo is accepting part-time … [Read More]

2015 UC-Hasting International Internship Stipend, 2015
University of California Hastings College of the Law is offering International internship stipends to help Hastings students defray travel and living expenses while working over a summer or semester on international issues. Internship stipends may … [Read More]

IARU Global Internship Program (GIP) In Singapore, 2015
International Alliance of Research Universities under the Global Internship Program offers internship to provide IARU students with the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience. These internships enable students to gain real insights into their host … [Read More]

2015 The IMMS Research Internship In Marine Science In USA
Applications are invited for The IMMS Research Internship In Marine Science for the year 2015. Applicants must be 18 or older and must have a genuine interest in marine research … [Read More]

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans in USA, 2016
Provided by:
 The Paul and Daisy Soros, United States of America
Courses: Graduate Study Subjects: All Disciplines
Eligible Students: Open for US Citizens
Application Deadline November 1, 2015
Apply Now
Tags: 20152016AmericaFellowshipsGraduateMay Week 1 (i)Updated Scholarships,USA

Canon Foundation Research Fellowships for Japanese Fellows in Italy, 2015
Provided by:
 Canon Foundation in Europe and European University Institute in Florence
Courses: Postdoctoral Research Program Subjects: Multiple Research Areas
Eligible Students: Candidates of Japan
Application Deadline September 15
Apply Now
Tags: 2015FellowshipsItalyJapanMay Week 1 (i)PostdoctoralresearchUpdated Scholarships

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